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Whether you elope or you have a more traditional wedding, you'll have your perfect ceremony.

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What does “elope” mean?

Merriam-Webster.Com says elope means “to run away secretly to get married” (the simple definition), and a longer definition is “to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent.”

The word “secretly” isn’t always a part of 21st century elopements. Many couples bring friends. Some elopers bring their parents!

The book Let’s Elope says “These days, ‘eloping’ is anything other than a traditional wedding – from a steps-of-city-hall ceremony with just the two of you [plus your officiant], to a fun-filled ‘destination wedding’ with your family and closest friends.” Which definition do you like better?

In the 21st century, “elope” means that you’d like an informal wedding ceremony, usually with a small number of guests or no guests at all, at a place that is meaningful to you.

You may enjoy Merriam-Webster.Com’s article The Changing Meaning of ‘Elope’.

How can we elope to Connecticut?

In Connecticut, all you need is one loving couple, one marriage license, and one officiant. (Hint: You’re the couple, see Where do we get our marriage license? below, and I hope you’ll pick me as your officiant.) There’s no waiting period, no blood tests, and no worries. Eloping in Connecticut couldn’t be easier.

Do we need witnesses to elope?

You don’t need witnesses, and you can have people with you sharing your happiest day.

Do we need rings to elope?

Rings are optional when you elope. It’s your choice!

Where can we elope in Connecticut?

Great question! You can elope at a state park, such as Harkness Memorial State Park, Hammonasset State Park, or Rocky Neck State Park. You can find more places to get married on the Places to Elope in CT Page and The Most Romantic Places to Get Married in Connecticut Page.

Can we get married at town hall?

Yes! You can get your marriage license, have your wedding ceremony, and receive your certified copy of your marriage license (your legal proof that you’re married) all in the same day. You’ll just need to check the hours that the town hall is open where you’ll elope. If you have questions, just call or text me at 860-543-2334!

Where do we get our marriage license?

You’ll get your marriage license in the town or city where you’ll elope. If you plan on eloping at any of the places listed on Places to Elope in CT Page or the Most Romantic Places to Get Married in Connecticut Page, you’ll see the address of the Town Hall near the description. If you have questions, just call or text me at 860-543-2334!

Can we bring our children when we elope?

Sure! Bringing your family or families to your elopement is appropriate in the 21st century.

“How about bringing our pet?” Absolutely! Pets are family, too! Most places will allow well-behaved dogs if they’re on a leash, and their owners clean up after them.

Do we need a wedding dress and tuxedo to elope?

No! You don’t need fancy clothes to elope.

You should dress in any clothes that you feel are suitable. If it’s just the three of us, I’ll be happy to take pictures of you. If you have a photographer, or your guests take pictures, you should keep photos in mind when you choose your outfits. You definitely don’t need a wedding gown and veil, nor a freshly-pressed tuxedo!

How old do we have to be to elope in Connecticut?

Each of you must be 18 or older to get married in Connecticut without your parents’ permission.

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